At Abstract Movement Festivals, we celebrate the special journey of each dancer by fostering an environment based on kindness, support, and fun. Our commitment extends beyond the stage; we believe in recognizing the unique qualities that make each performance exceptional. We take pride in presenting an array of awards such as high score awards, performance awards, and sessional awards including.

Previous Final Awards & Scholarships

Sessional Awards

The Orson Hollinger Memorial Scholarship

Each year, Abstract Movement Festivals gives a cash scholarship at each event to a dancer who shows a deep love and passion for dance. This scholarship is in honour of our co-director Mackenzie’s son, Orson, who passed away in infancy. The dance community supported Mackenzie and her family during that difficult time. This scholarship is a way to give back to her dance family for everything they did for her and her family, and honour the memory of her son.

Congratulations to each recipient! Thank you for sharing your love of dance.